Dreadlock Hair Accessories (set of 3)

Width Sizes Vary (no two are identicle)
Made in Kenya


Made Just for Footprints in Africa by Kenyan Artisans!

You Won't Find These Dreadlock Accessories Anywhere Else!


The authentic dreadlock jewelry set is absolutely stunning, crafted with solid brass and cowrie shells, and coiled to perfection. Generally speaking, they're about the width of a pencil, but no two are exactly alike.


Trust us on this; if you'd like to make a statement, adorn your locs with these beauties. Honestly, they'd even look great on braids and twist styles!


*Note, no two are identical.

Authentic African Dreadlock Accessories w/Brass and Cowrie Shells (set of 3)

  • Shop with confidence knowing that you've purchased an authentic item from the Motherland!