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The Kiondo Bag

100% Handcrafted 

Made in Kenya


A kiondoo is a handwoven handbag made from sisal with leather trimmings. It is indigenous to the Taita, Kikuyu and Kamba tribes of Kenya. 



  • Handmade

  • Materials: Sisal, Leather


The bags are handwoven from sisal, the strongest natural fiber, by the Kamba women in Kenya. All the materials used in designing the bags are locally sourced in Kenya. Its sisal design make the bags eco-friendly and leather trimmings guarantee durability. It can be used a shopping as it spacious or as an everyday bag as it is stylish. Since the bags are all handmade, only one quantity of each variation listed is available.

Key features:
Handwoven exterior (from sisal).
Double leather straps.

Dimensions: 48CM x 35CM

If it gets wet then please air dry the bag.
If it catches dirt then gently clean with a damp cloth or wipe, do not use brush as it will get destroyed.

Kiondo Bag

  • Shop with confidence knowing that you've purchased an authentic item from the Motherland!

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