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Egyptian Brass Ankh Key of Life Necklace
Approx Dimensions: Pendant 2.5" x 1.2" and Chain 21"
Made in Egypt


Handmade Egyptian Brass Ankh with Engraved Hieroglyphics!


This Egyptian Brass necklace is a real piece of artwork from the land of the Pharaohs, handmade with Egyptian brass and engraved hieroglyphics.


The ankh or key of life is an ancient Egyptian symbol that is most commonly used in writing and in Egyptian art to represent the word for "life" and, by extension, as a symbol of life itself. The ankh has a cross shape but with a teardrop-shaped loop in place of a vertical upper bar.


*No two are exacttly alike. Sold seperately.

Egyptian Brass Ankh Key of Life Necklace

  • Shop with confidence knowing that you've purchased an authentic item from the Motherland!

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