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Authentic Kente Print Duffle Bag/Travel Bag/Bookbag/Backpack *Each sold separately

Handcrafted with w/Authentic Kente Print & Vegan Leather 
Made in Ghana




Our bags are handcrafted in authentic kente fabric African by our friends in Ghana. They are the go-to bags for everyday usage, as they are multi-purposeful with several storage compartments. The outstanding quality and craftsmanship that went into making the bags are unmatched, making them the most desirable bags around; guaranteed to strike up conversation wherever you go. The bags are unisex, ideal for men, women, and children, as they can serve as a travel bag, backpack, laptop carrier, or book bag. 


*** Each bag is sold separately***

*Social Good, Eco-friendly, No Animal Cruelty

Authentic Kente Print Duffle Bag/Travel Bag/Bookbag/Backpack

PrecioDesde 64,99$
Kente Print
  • Shop with confidence knowing that you're purchasing an authentic item from the Motherland!

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