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Touba Khelcom Cafe Coffee
Net 500g (33 cups of coffee)
Made in Senegal


Calling All Coffee Lovers!


You've stumbled upon something special with Touba coffee, a FRESH ROASTED SPICED COFFEE IMPORTED FROM SENEGAL! 


What is Touba coffee? Touba coffee is a typical Senegalese coffee drink prepared using a mix of Arabica coffee, with a strong; and specific taste. The beans are left to infuse together with cloves and a pepper: Guinean pepper, called Djar, in the local language, Wolof.


Freshness is key! The grounds come freshly sealed in an attractive silver metallic packaging constructed with a high barrier lining to maximize the taste and flavor of this high-quality coffee. It's so special that tea lovers are likely to conform once they've taken in this spice coffee experience. 

Touba Khelcom Cafe Coffee

  • Shop with confidence knowing that you've purchased an authentic item from the Motherland!

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