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Nigerian Moisturizing Body Cream w/Shea Butter

5.9 oz.

Made in Nigeria


Get relief from dry skin and get the soft, supple, silky skin you've always wanted!


This Nigerian Moisturizing Body Cream w/Shea Butter is the ultimate body cream for your dry skin. It is specially formulated to moisturize, nourish and condition your skin. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves no greasy residue. It has a natural cool and calming effect on skin and works on all skin types. It protects skin from damaging UV rays.


It contains shea butter, which is like a superfood for your skin. It has a concentration vitamins and fatty acids that nourishes your skin. It is a great remedy for dry skin. It reduces skin inflammation and helps with acne. It boosts the natural collagen and softens and strengthens skin. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Nigerian Moisturizing Body Cream w/Shea Butter

    • Nigerian Moisturizing Body Cream w/Shea Butter is specially formulated to moisturize, nourish and condition the skin.
    • It is naturally absorbed without residue.
    • It has natural cooling and calming effect with a fresh, gentle and calm fragrance.
    • Daily use will result to soft, smooth, healthy and beautiful nourished skin.
    • It contains shea butter and other moisturizing materials.
    • It is for all skin types.
    • Helps to maintain a certain amount of water.
    • Improves the appearance of dull skin.
    • No paraffin
    • No parabens.
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